Business Continuity

Unplanned service interruptions due to human errors or natural disasters can have a devastating impact on a corporation. Ensuring operational continuity provides the best protection for the reputation of your company and, as such, should become a primary objective.

We can help you plan and implement the necessary components for ensuring business continuity and lower operational risks. Based upon standards such as ISO 22301 and BS 25999, your continuity plan will eliminate or reduce the impact of service interruptions upon your company.

We will :

  • Perform qualitative and quantitative risk evaluations associated to key processes and assets and assess and deliver a risk management plan;
  • Analyze and model the main business processes in order to identify the RTO and RPO dependencies;
  • Plan business continuity steps using recovery scenarios and perform tests and dry-runs;
  • Ensure and test automated notifications for emergency contacts if a crisis erupts;
    Manage informational flows during fail-over and fail-back.